Mis-Shapes round bowl with arm

round bowl
with arm

Medium sized container: grapes, keys, almonds, crisps, plums, coins & so on.

Dimensions: H7 × W6  x D12  centimeter

Materials: Brass, Acrylic, Rubber, Nickel coated steel

Mis-Shapes are parts that are brought  together to form containers for everyday things: incense, pens, grapes, keys, almonds, earrings, sweets, cotton balls, popcorn, chocolate, coins, spares and parts.

Rooted in materials, components & trades of making  vernacular to historical Karaköy neighbourhood, Mis-Shapes are made and assembled by hand in small scale workshops in the area. Materials and components with different perceived values  -such as acrylic offcuts, rubber parts and brass spinning- are brought together with solid brass fasteners; making the objects open to repair and repurpose.